COVID-19 Diary – Day 24

There isn’t a lot of news to share today, but one item did stand out to me.

Over the last 24 days, many people in BC, and also across the world, have turned to the popular application Zoom for their video conferencing needs. But every week we seem to hear about new security flaws coming to light, and now it looks like things have come to a head. Yesterday Taiwan joined Canada in announcing a ban on the use of Zoom for any government purposes, due to privacy and security concerns. You can read more from the announcement here. And now today Google has also announced that they too are banning Zoom from being used on any employee computers, for the same reasons. More info on their ban can be found here.

It may go without saying, but if you are considering using Zoom, it might be worth looking into alternative options with better track records for security.

In other news, after yesterday’s briefing by Prime Minister Trudeau, someone decided to make an auto-tune song of “Speaking Moistly”. Check it out below:

Stay safe everyone!

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