COVID-19 Diary – Day 23

Today in his public address, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that Canada is working with local manufacturers to produce 30,000 ventilators, to help prepare us for increases in serious COVID-19 infections. The address also included plans to work with other manufactures to help supply much needed gloves and medical gowns. More info can be found here.

In the same address Trudeau talked about mask usage, commenting that they can be beneficial to prevent people from “speaking moistly” a phrase he visibly regretted using almost immediately. While it’s important to remember that medical masks, especially N95 masks, still need to be left for healthcare workers, in situations where you can not physically distance, wearing a non-medical mask may help keep your respiratory droplets to yourself. Just keep in mind that masks are much less effective when damp, and that they are not a replacement for more effective means of transmission prevention. Click here for more on Trudeau’s moist words.

Speaking Moistly - Wikipedia

On a personal note, I finally was able to apply for EI/CERB. I’m not sure if everything was correct, but I’m crossing my fingers! Also, with my birthday coming up on the 13th… maybe it’s time to see if any Dairy Queen’s are still open and taking cake orders?

Stay safe everyone!

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