COVID-19 Diary – Day 22

Today I went on a supply run to the Superstore at Metropolis. This is the first time I’ve visited the mall since beginning my self isolation. The mall itself was nearly empty and almost every store was closed. The dollar store by the old bus loop was notably open however.

Dairy Queen protecting their cakes

I arrived at the mall around 1pm, and there was no line to get into Superstore, although there was a guard in place to count customers going in. There were more people shopping in the store than I expected, but not so many I couldn’t safely distance myself as needed. They also have people coordinating the checkout lineup, so nobody has to get too close to each other, using a single main lineup to feed into each checkout. It was probably the best Superstore lineup experience I’ve ever had.

On a personal note, I’m still trying to resolve issues with my ROE and apply for EI/CERB. After speaking with a number of other people who have received ROE’s and are in the same situation as myself, I have determined that mine was filled out differently by my workplace, and it worries me that it may cause issues with my application for financial support. I won’t know how everything will work out for a few more days at least. To distract myself from the stress of dealing with the government, I have begun re-watching The Simpsons going through the seasons backwards. Finally a good use for my Disney+ account!

Stay safe everyone!

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