COVID-19 Diary – Day 21

No diary post yesterday as I didn’t find much to report, and ended up spending most of the day dealing with Service Canada’s website and my ROE.

Today brings us to 3 weeks since BC began it’s sort-of but not really lock down. The importance of the 3 week point is largely based on the fact that people who are going to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 infection will almost always do so within 10-14 days. So here at 21 days we should be able to see at least a week’s worth of the effect. We’ve also been hearing for the last half week or so that BC is doing fairly well at keeping the curve flattened. Which is great! Our hospitals are not overwhelmed, our death rate is comparatively very low, and hopefully our numbers will stay relatively positive. Check out the BC COVID-19 Dashboard for the most recent stats.

In other news, local businesses that rely on in-person traffic are likely to running into difficulties soon. Many of today’s successful businesses survived the online shopping boom by excelling with hands-on interactions. Take shopping for clothes is an example. It’s normal to want to know the texture of the fabric you’ll be wearing before you commit, or know the exact colour, or how well it fits on you. In the weeks and months that follow, will customers be comfortable handling clothing that has been tried on and touched by random amounts of other people? There could be many unforeseen situations like this to come.

I live in an apartment complex in the South-East Vancouver area, and in the past one apartment across the courtyard from mine has liked to host church choir meetups on Sundays. For the last several weeks I haven’t heard anything from over there on Sundays, but today they were back at full force. Luckily the landlady who oversees the complex became involved and shut the gathering down. A lot of people want to pretend that life can go back to what it used to be, but we really all need to be vigilant in our safety processes right now, so that one day we can go back to normal.

Stay safe everyone!

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