COVID-19 Diary – Day 6

This morning I woke up with bad sinus congestion, and since I use a CPAP machine to treat my sleep apnea, any amount of sinus congestion can negatively affect my ability to rest. I figured I was just experiencing allergies since I noticed my nose was running a little bit yesterday, but my symptoms this morning confirmed I have a cold. Ugh. But just to be 100% clear, sinus congestion is not on the list of COVID-19 symptoms.

That being said, self isolation is even more important now, as being sick can make one more susceptible to catching other things. As such, I had to make a very quick run to my corner pharmacy. I picked up some medicine for the congestion, and grabbed the last 4L of distilled water off the shelf (for my CPAP machine). The cashier let me know that due to supply restrictions they were not currently able to re-order any more distilled water. This got me wondering if some panic-shoppers were mistaking it for regular bottled water? It just seems odd to me that there would be a shortage of this particular product.

On my short trip home I was surprised by how many people were out on the sidewalks and street. Even the parking lot of my local strip mall was nearly at capacity. I saw a poll today that claimed 3/10 Canadians believe that grouping up to 10 people together is still fine. A small percentage polled also didn’t consider COVID-19 even as a medium deal (let alone a big one). You can see the poll details shared here.

I don’t want to get too focused on the numbers, but some big things happened today that are worth mentioning. The USA is now the country with the second most known active cases of COVID-19, and the third most for known total cases. If you think back to how many countries had it far worse for for much longer and it begins to set in just how terrible a job the US is doing at fighting it.

It’s worth mentioning that as of today hairdressers and salons (and similar businesses) have been ordered shutdown for the time being. I really wish I’d had my hair cut before this all got so bad, who knows when I’ll be able to get it cut again next?

In the good news department, there has been some very encouraging early trials done on monkeys with the HIV medication remdesivir, showing that it may be helpful in treating COVID-19 if used early enough after infection. It’s still early and going into its second set of studies, but many are hopeful there may be some benefit confirmed. Hopefully we’ll get a breakthrough with this or another treatment method. It will be much easier to fight this virus if something already existing has a strong positive effect against it. You can read more about the study with remdesivir here.

A lot of people are expecting a total shutdown of BC in the next week, and people are very hopeful that additional financial support is coming for those who are falling through the cracks of what is currently offered. There is also a lot of talk about potential mortgage and rent freezes. Hopefully more relief is coming!

Stay healthy everyone, and wash your hands ❤

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