COVID-19 Diary – Day 5

I ventured out of the house today. It can already feel the benefit it had on my mental health. I did the best I could to not touch anything as much as possible, and washed my hands with gusto when I got home.

During my time outdoors I managed to get a lot done. I saw my doctor as mentioned in previous posts, and got some ointment prescribed for my eczema. I tried it out earlier today and already seems be helping. I also made a special delivery to a friend’s house (left at their doorstep, social distancing is important!) and afterwards still had time to get some important shopping done.

I’m happy to report my doctor provided me with an excellent note about needing to isolate in order to protect my mother, due to her health issues. So my fingers are crossed I’ll be able to qualify for financial support in the near-ish future if it comes to it.

I was shocked by how quiet both the SkyTrain and buses I used were. It was also extremely easy to socially distance myself, which comes as a relief. What came as a surprise though is how many people were still out in cars and inside of businesses. Too many work places are still open and it concerns me. I’m expecting (or maybe just hoping) that additional measures will be put in place next week.

I think I need to do a better job of convincing myself to go out walking during the odd hours when nobody is around. It helped me a lot being out today, and I think I’ll feel better if I just move around more in different scenery.

As for the new infection rates right now, I’m personally waiting to see if and when the benefits of our social isolation start showing up in reports. There isn’t a lot of point in broadcasting the current numbers. They’re still bad and getting worse. I’ve been thinking it might be time to start plugging some video game consoles in? Currently I’m mostly getting by with binge watching YouTube, Netflix, and Disney+.

There is a lot of concern right now that our COVID-19 tests in BC are becoming too backlogged. We can only process about 900 test kits a day, but some days more than 4,000 tests are logged. More info can be found here.

I should probably also mention that Save-On Foods announced they were bumping their staff’s pay an additional $2.00/hour retroactive to March 8th. This is a really big deal!

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