COVID-19 Diary – Day 4

It’s amazing how quickly being home-bound becomes frustrating. I haven’t left the house since coming home from work yesterday, and it’s already difficult. Once I tell myself I can’t do a thing that I’ve always taken for granted, I start to want to do that thing.

At least tomorrow I’ll be seeing my doctor about the dry skin rash I’ve been getting on my hands. I’ve been trying to keep up with liberal lotion use, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. I get it every year around this time, but this year is much worse than usual. I’m also hoping he’ll sign off on my quarantine for health reasons. I’m not hurting financially but I really want to make sure if things get bad, I have my bases covered.

I find I’ve begun napping to help pass the time, it’s probably not the most healthy solution though. Spending time with our house cat Nikita helps, she’s very loving and cute.

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