COVID-19 Diary – Day 7

For a Sunday where I haven’t even left my house, today has been surprisingly eventful!

Earlier this evening my girlfriend Divya and I took part in an online trivia game show hosted by local Trivia Master Gregory Milne, of Brainstorm Trivia. It was run over Facebook, and was surprisingly fun! Even though Divya and I barely had half the answers right… I’ve been noticing more and more other events moving online as well.

All parks and playgrounds are now officially closed, hopefully with at least occasional police patrolling to ensure it happens. It seems like a lot of people are breaking social isolation requests though.

The Portland Retro Gaming Expo which was supposed to take place in mid August has now cancelled. I am expecting this to become a trend with events for a while. I’m still hopeful that events in September will be able to happen though. But despite that hope, I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole year is a wash for conventions now.

In somewhat related news, Canada has just announced that we are pulling out of the Summer Olympic Games unless they are postponed a year. I am hoping that other countries will get on board with this action as well. More info can be found here.

I’ve noticed a number of kids and adults playing and gathering in my apartment’s courtyard lately, despite the public health order to not use the space, AND the caution tape used to close it off. I don’t know if or what to do to discourage this behavior?

There’s been a gradual shift in language coming from authorities about how long things will take. It went from:

  • “Days”, to
  • “A Couple Weeks”, to
  • “A Few Weeks”, to
  • “Over the Weeks and Months to Come”

Of course nobody knows how long things will take, but I’m hopeful it will be no more than 5 months. (Editor’s note: THIS WAS WISHFUL THINKING)

I’ve been seeing more and more reports from people online that they have not been able to get tested for COVID-19 when they want to, even when they meet the listed requirements for getting tested. Below is a screen capture taken of re-creation of a conversation between a dentist and a COVID-19 testing nurse. I can’t speak for the authenticity of the conversation, but it is an accurate representation of multiple complaints I have been seeing from people online. Please consider this anecdotal evidence at best:

I’ve seen a lot of local stores that I used to visit regularly becoming affected. Gamedeals Video Games has just announced they are shutting down for at least the upcoming week. Metropolis Comics and Toys is still running, but via a delivery service they’re handling themselves, and Connection Games has moved their business to an online store. Please check them out if you need anything nerdy.

As for me, I’m doing ok. I’m getting used to being in the house a lot more, and less socializing, but I’m also a little worried for how long this could go on for.

Stay safe everyone, and wash your hands ❤

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