COVID-19 Diary – Day 846

It’s been a while! And there is a lot to cover, so we’re going to break everything into 3 sections. 1) What is transmission like now?2) What about Post-COVID-19 Infection?3) What can we do? 1) What is Transmission Like Now? A lot has changed since we last looked at numbers. BC no longer offers PCRContinue reading “COVID-19 Diary – Day 846”

COVID-19 Diary – Day 178

COVID-19 is well known to be a complicated virus with a wide variety of potential symptoms and long terms effects. Recently there has been a speculative line drawn between COVID-19 and myocarditis. Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle, which can affect your heart’s electrical system, reducing your heart’s ability to pump and causingContinue reading “COVID-19 Diary – Day 178”