COVID-19 Diary – Day 18

For those who like to keep track of the numbers, we broke 1 million total known cases of COVID-19 worldwide today. Of that, there are roughly 750k known cases still active, and almost 1/3rd of those are located in the USA. The USA’s active infection numbers are skyrocketing beyond any other country’s viral trajectory. New York is said to have about 6 days remaining before extreme measures must be taken with regard to ventilators. For more info click here.

Canada on the other hand is doing relatively well compared to most of the world. Our numbers are still growing quickly, but no longer on a similar trajectory to Italy thank goodness. We also have a very encouraging recovery rate vs deaths. Most countries at our point of dealing with the virus had about 2.5x as many daily deaths as we do right now. Please see Worldometers for most recent details.

Italy is still improving. Their daily new infections are steadily dropping, and their daily deaths have plateaued. For their most recent numbers, click here.

For myself, it has now been 2 weeks since I voluntarily put myself in isolation. The second week was definitely easier than the first. My main concern is that I’ve been coasting off of money that isn’t being replenished by active employment, and that can be scary. The good news is that as of April 3rd I can apply for EI finally, and that will take some of the load off my mind. I spent about 90mins on the phone with the CRA getting the info I needed from my missing 2018 tax filing data. The person who normally does my taxes for me finally did get back to me though, but it turns out he tested positive for COVID-19 and only just returned from hospitalization on oxygen. I’ve also found that my sleeping schedule is getting a little skewed. I’ve heard it described as something between night owl mode and anxious lizard mode.

That’s all for now, stay safe and healthy everyone!

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