COVID-19 Diary – Day 13

Here’s a report I didn’t think I’d ever have to give: There is a coyote warning for people in the Oakridge area currently. The lack of regular human activity has apparently led to coyotes becoming more confident wandering into more urban areas, even as early as 8 or 9pm. So if you’re in that part of town, please exercise caution!

Today I went travelling to the Safeway at New West SkyTrain station to resupply my food stores. I was happy to see they were well stocked with eggs, bread, milk, and even decently stocked in pasta and canned soups! The only thing I wanted but couldn’t find was toilet paper. I have since been able to find a supply of it, but it seems like toilet paper hoarding continues to be an issue. We here in the lower mainland of BC have it very lucky though, as the manufacturing plant where toilet paper is made and packaged is local! So with any luck we’ll see stock levels improve soon.

On my trip out I noticed that traffic has become even quieter than the last time I traveled! My bus, which is normally a very busy route, was mostly empty. The SkyTrain also had a majority of seats left open, with people making sure to physically distance themselves from each other. Safeway was also good in this regard, with the exception of some energetic kids rushing around.

Overall I feel that people in general are doing a good job of limiting their outdoor time and reducing their physical contact with people.

On a more personal note, I’ve noticed that after my trip to New west for supplies I am fairly exhausted. I really need to increase the amount of physical activity I partake in. Being stuck at home is starting to negatively effect my stamina.

Stay safe everyone!

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