COVID-19 Diary – Day 12

Today has been a relatively quiet day for new COVID-19 news.

The USA has now surpassed 100,000 total known COVID-19 cases, with almost 20,000 new cases added just today. Italy sadly suffered their highest single day of deaths caused by the virus, with over 900. The good news is that Italy’s new case numbers are stabilizing finally, and it’s hopeful that they will see more improvements in the next weeks to follow.

Reports are coming in that BC is doing a good job of flattening the curve, at least in comparison to the rest of Canada, or even previous projections of what BC could have looked like. This is good news! I would still feel more comfortable if we would test more of the people who have symptoms but don’t require hospitalization however. More info on how we’re doing can be found here.

On a personal note, I received notification that I will be officially temporarily laid off as of April 3rd, which is a relief in a way since I will qualify for financial assistance at that point. Also, I am starting to really crave restaurant food. Pretty much anything that I haven’t been making for myself. That being said, I have really been refining my spaghetti recipe over the last few weeks.

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