COVID-19 Diary – Day 229

COVID-19 May Decrease Cognitive Function

A recent study of UK residents has shown that there may be on-going symptoms of cognitive decline for most people who have recovered from COVID-19, even asymptomatic cases. The study was done using an intelligence test voluntarily taken by over 84k residents of the UK. Additional questions were added to specifically identify recovered COVID-19 positive participants, and their specifics.

Even after adjusting their scale for differences in age, education, or other demographic and socioeconomic variables, their results indicated a substantial cognitive decline in patients who underwent hospitalization and ventilation. In this category, the decline was equivalent to ageing 10 years or losing 8.5 IQ points. The severity of the case appears to directly relate to the level of decline in cognitive function, with recovered asymptomatic patients showing the least difference from baseline scores, followed by symptomatic at home, symptomatic at home with assistance, and so forth.

The study can not predict how long the symptoms may continue, but hopefully, a follow-up study can be done at a later time to shed some light in this area as well.

It’s a slow news day, so that’s all for now. We are working to report on some other interesting studies in the next day or two. Stay safe everyone!

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