COVID-19 Diary – Day 59

Today BC Public Health announced our lowest number of new COVID-19 infections for a single day in a long time, only 8. This comes after an announcement of 23 for the two days prior. I hope this trend continues.

We had much bigger news today for Canada though, which was the approval of the Liaison serology test for COVID-19 antibodies. This now means we’ll be able to test people’s blood to see if they have been exposed to COVID-19 at some point, and will give us a MUCH greater view of how wide spread the infection is. I have not personally seen reports on the accuracy of the serological test, but it has received approval for use in Canada, which I hope means it is more accurate than some of the ones we’ve seen cause false positives and negatives in other countries. You can find more info here.

Related to the above, the BC CDC just released a survey people can fill out where you can volunteer to have your blood tested for COVID-19 antibodies. I have already filled it out myself and also signed up to give blood for the process. I encourage any interested parties to do the same. You can find the survey here.

This could be a huge turning point for us in the battle against COVID-19!

That’s all for now, stay safe everyone!

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