COVID-19 Diary – Day 36

I’ve started a new weekly chart which I’ll be sharing on Mondays. It graphs weekly new infection totals, gathered from Tuesday to Monday. Using 7 day totals will help weed out single spikes of high or low cases, and help us see overall trends in the numbers. Each bar represents 1 week, starting with the week of the first infection found in BC.

As you can see our numbers have been steadily trending downwards for 4 weeks now, after hitting a high of 436 over a 7 day period, about a month ago.

There have been numerous concerns raised by individuals that BC has very low COVID-19 testing numbers. And it’s true, BC has done less testing than any comparable province in Canada. This is in part due to restrictions placed on who can be tested, and under what conditions.

But today Dr. Bonnie Henry announced a change to that testing policy. Now anyone who is exhibiting any symptoms associated with COVID-19 can be tested. Click here for more info.

In other news, normally today (April 20th) would be a huge deal for pot enthusiasts, but the organizers of the annual gathering have encouraged everyone to celebrate it individually this year for safety reasons. The police have said they will be monitoring popular gathering areas to discourage crowds and maintain physical distancing, but so far it looks like people have been staying home.

On a more personal note, I ventured out to Metropolis today to pick up some food and supplies, and unlike every other April 20th in the past several years, didn’t smell pot smoke at all the entire trip.

That’s all for now, stay safe everyone!

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